protection, hygiene and decoration of your office chairs

For clean and hygienic office chairs in all areas of life

Wherever you would like it clean or a certain hygiene standard is necessary and required – for offices, study rooms, children’s rooms, workshops, industries, restaurants, canteen kitchens, laboratories, medical practices, hospitals … Wherever you would like it clean or a certain hygiene standard is necessary and required.


Visually discreet and protected design for seat or backrest.
Flexible and easy adaptable to various types of office chairs made of polyester, washable (60°C) and a chois of various sizes.

Your advantage

The Product was developed and intensively tested in Europe, Austria.
Perfect fitting and longlasting protection cover for nearly all office chair sizes.
The seat covers are breathable and slip-resistant and easy to fit, thanks to a flexible rubber system.

Office chairs are a playground for bacteria and contamination

Now help is available:  Our new covers provide perfect protection from contamination and rapid wear for your new office chair.  Unlike the chair cover, our slip covers can be washed from time to time and thus contamination such as sweat, coffee stains etc. is ideally removed.

Even used office chairs are upgraded by means of the high-quality protective covers:  Threadbare areas, stains or faded materials – with cover your office chair will look clean and representative again in a quick and affordable way.

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easy-care, flexible and hygienic

The covers are low maintenance and easy to clean. The slip covers adapt flexibly to various types of office chairs.  You choose from a number of models and sizes – for the seat or for the backrest.  A flexible rubber system makes fitting the protective covers child’s play.  Whether for your office chair at home or at your shop or office:  The covers are decent and as such not visible or recognisable and designed in a protected design.